Sewing Project


Due to the living conditions of many children, Koinonia Ministries started a Sewing Project, the beneficiaries are parents of Koinonia Education Centre pupils. Rather than purely giving material donations, the program aims to build capacity by freely equipping beneficiaries with skills as a path to sustainable income-generation.
On completion of the sewing course;

  1. The ladies are given a sewing machine to kick-start their sewing career. The machine is paid back in manageable installments generated from the product sale.
  2. Or offered a chance to generate income through production of the sewing club’s products; usually trendy garments and accessories. These trendy products run under the Koinonia Education Centre brand.

The project has expanded to accommodate other committed women who have previously acquired tailoring skills elsewhere but had not found an outlet for their talent. These women’s skills have been polished to meet our superior skill level. In the recent past, they have also contributed tremendously helping us to meet tight deadlines for big orders on time.

Kiondo Accessories

Sewing Project Sales

The proceeds from the club are normally ploughed back into sustaining the club, product development and to support school-running at Koinonia Education Centre. Case-in-point being the support the project was able to offer towards the purchasing of the school bus.

Project specific growth support includes; paying salary of the full-time trainer, buying and servicing the machines replenishing the sewing requirements of fabric and accessories.

Project Items

We have variety of items; different types and sizes of bags, hand towels, beach towels, bath towels, café aprons, dress aprons, gloves, bath towels etc.

The products of the sewing project are sold to well-wishers and friends, at other schools’ Art and Craft fairs, we export our products to Japan too.

All the products have different labor costs, therefore the more they make the more the money they earn.