Our Staff

The school administrators, under the direction of the school board, take a leadership role in the operation of the school.

The administrators provide leadership by:

  • Demonstrating care and commitment to academic excellence and a safe teaching and learning environment;
  • Holding everyone, under their authority, accountable for their behavior and actions;
  • Communicating regularly and meaningfully with all members of the school community.

Educators and school staff, under the leadership of the administrator, maintain order in the school and are expected to hold everyone in the highest standard of respectful and responsible behavior. As role models, all staff are expected to uphold these high standards by:

  • Helping learners work their full potential and develop their self-worth;
  • Communicating regularly and meaningfully with parents or guardians;
  • Maintaining consistent standards of behavior for all learners;
  • Demonstrating respect for all learners, staff and parents or guardians;
  • Preparing learners for the full responsibilities of citizenship

Learners are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, they must demonstrate respect for themselves, for others and for the responsibilities of citizenship through acceptable behavior.

The school staff reserves the right to search on school grounds all personal property belonging to learners whenever they may deem it necessary.

Board Members

Currently, the institution has a Board of Directors that act as the Management Committee. It comprises of 7 members.

Name Title in Organization
1. Mrs. Wambui Mwicigi- Muya Board Chairperson
2. Mrs. Louise Ngugi Board Treasurer
3. Mrs. Sara Ichihashi Education
4. Mrs. Milka Kariuki C.E.O
5. Dr. Rufas Kanyogo Member
6. Pastor Takao Ichihashi Member